I’m Tresa Edmunds, known around the internet as Reese Dixon, thanks to everybody being afraid of the internet back when I first started blogging. I’m a writer, craft designer, and award winning activist. You can check out more of my professional life at my other site, tresaedmunds.com

I started this blog in 2004 during a struggle with chronic illness and infertility. Over the years this blog has grown to tell my story of how I’ve used my creative powers to overcome hardships and shape my life into something great.

Now that those initial hardships have abated, or at least changed, I write daily on creative topics such as parenting, crafting, cooking, and personal style.

I pride myself on my personal approach to creative living. All of the ideas you see here come from needing an actual solution to an actual problem in my actual life, not just to make something pretty. There are no airbrushed versions of a perfect life, here. Just reality, including the occasional pile of neglected laundry, as I harness my creative talents to become the kind of person I want to be.

I believe that every aspect of your life can be influenced and heightened by creativity, so I spend each day of the week on a different part of building the life I want. This schedule isn’t always strict, sometimes I’m more inspired in one direction than others, but this is what I try to stick to:

Monday: Parenting
Tuesday: Year of Pleasures
Wednesday: Cooking
Thursday: Project Put Together
Friday: Making

Largely because of all the hard times I’ve faced, I started a weekly series called Year of Pleasures, where I highlight all the things I love and treat myself with. Seeking out simple pleasures in life really goes a long way to making everything else OK. I’ve also started a series called Project Put Together, where I stop letting myself go and use my creative skills to become someone who’s really got it, “put together.”

This is a professional blog, so I do run ads, sponsored posts, and the occasional giveaway, but I am very particular about who I work with and how much of my content is sponsored. All pictures, words, and opinions are always my own and I never never never work with a company that I wouldn’t spend my own money with. I am all about authenticity, and that is more true than ever of the sponsored content I post.

If you’d like a media or partnership press kit including ad rates, please contact me at tresa@reesedixon.com.