Tutorial: Fourth of July Rosette Bouquet

Fourth of July Rosettes

Fourth of July Rosettes

Rosette Bouquet

While on my trip to the dollar store that ended up with my bread basket and chain bunting, I also found some really fantastic crepe paper printed in the colors of the flag. I really love making crepe paper rosettes, so I knew I wanted to do something about that, but couldn’t figure out how to use them. Bear suggested a centerpiece and I immediate saw the finished project in my head. Multicolored rosettes blooming out of a vase like a handful of flowers. But without any watering or wilting.


Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 1

You know me and my disdain of measurements. I just started accordion folding the crepe paper until it got big enough for my taste. Each ridge is about 1/2″ tall, and for the smaller rosettes I made about 13 of them, and the larger were 25 or so.

Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 2

I used a bamboo skewer, but you could use a dowel or a chopstick too. Glue each end of your crepe paper folds to the stick, letting it extend into the center of the rosette to make it stable once all the glue is dry. We’ll cover that up in a second.

Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 3

While the glue is drying, make your centers. For the smaller rosettes I cut out a circle and covered it in bright blue glitter.


Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 4

For the larger rosettes I cut a larger circle out of white paper, then glittered some chipboard letters to go on top. Let that dry thoroughly.


Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 5

Brush some glue on the back of one of your circles and place on top of the rosette. Give it some gentle pressure, and then let it sit. Don’t try to move your rosette too soon or the crepe paper will wiggle around on you and give you grief.


Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 6

Place the other center on the other side and glue.


Rosette Bouquet Tutorial Step 7

Other than glue drying, this project takes no time at all. If you had the pieces pre-glittered you could make it in an hour. I think this would be a great craft for kids to keep busy in between the BBQ and the fireworks, and best of all you won’t have to put it away as soon as the holiday ends. I plan on leaving this on my table until the Olympics to route on the home team.