Rustle Bag

Rustle Bag Toy

Rustle Bag Toy


A couple of months ago I looked over from the computer and saw this:
Atti plays with a plastic bag

Atti had discovered this plastic bag I use for one of my crosstitch projects and had himself a ball crinkling the plastic and shaking the threads all around the floor. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized my immobile baby was suddenly able to get into trouble and I had all kinds of visions of what could happen if he kept playing with the plastic bag.

But he loved it. And every time I left it on the floor, or even dangling from off the edge of the table, he found a way to get to it. Sometimes I couldn’t even figure out how. So I decided that if I was ever going to get any peace, I better make him a version that wouldn’t threaten to smother him.

Rustle bag with little rustle squares

I just used fabric that I had in my stash, quilting cottons for the bag and lining, wool felt for the “bobbins”, and some cellophane I had for a halloween project, and in an hour I had a bag that he loves and that lets me relax.

Rustle bag tutorial
You’ll need:
Bag pieces cut to 6.5″ x 9″
2 outer pieces
2 lining pieces
4 cellophane pieces
Side pieces cut to 3.5″ x 9″
2 outer pieces
2 lining pieces
4 cellophane pieces
Bottom pieces cut to 3.5″ x 6.5″
1 outer pieces
1 lining pieces
2 cellophane pieces

Rustle bag tutorial

Sew the sides to the front and back pieces to make a tube.

Rustle bag tutorial
Open up the bottom end of the seams 1/4″ and sew the bottom on. This is just like sewing a box pillow, but since you have seams at every corner, you don’t have to snip anything, those open seams will fall into place just right.

Rustle bag tutorial
Repeat this process with the lining fabric, and again with the cellophane but at a double thickness. I wanted to maximize the rustling effect, so there are two pieces of cellophane on each side.

Rustle bag tutorial

Stack the lining bag inside the cellophane bag, making sure that the right side of the lining is what is showing. Then place both bags together inside the outer bag.

Rustle bag tutorial

To finish the bag I zigzagged all three layers together and then just folded it over about a 1/2″ before securing it with a simple running stitch.

To make the bobbins I just cut a bunch of squares of wool, stitched them together on three sides, stuffed some cellophane scraps inside, and sewed it shut. Easy as pie.

Atti playing with rustle bag

Now my only problem is that Atti loves this thing so much, and the cats love chasing after the wool bobbins flying all over, that my house is littered with these little toys. But at least they don’t hurt when I step on them barefoot.



  1. Catherine Hansen Pea says:

    This is such a great idea, I love it!

  2. Mrs. Wright says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Fun idea! It's always scary when you discover how mobile your baby is, isn't it?

  4. Melanie J says:

    I gave my nine-year-old the middle name Atticus. Did you know there's an Atticus brand clothing line? I have a cool t-shirt that says Atticus across the front.Anyway, excellent taste in names and literature.

  5. La mamma curiosa says:

    excellent idea!! Thanx!! I'll have to do that too for my Costanza that keeps trying to stole all the plastic bags with my half-done projects…

  6. Tina Kubala says:

    One of my cats is obsessed with plastic bags. I swear she can smell them. I'll be making one of these for her.

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  8. This is such a neat idea, and your little guy is adorable! Can you tell me where you found the cellophane? I've looked for it before without success, but maybe I'm checking in the wrong place. Thank you!

  9. Reese Dixon says:

    I found the cellophane at Michaels in the gift wrapping section, but I think you could find it anywhere that carries a decent selection of party decor. Mine came on a roll just like wrapping paper.

  10. Thank you! I *was* looking in the wrong place! :)

  11. Love it! Think I'll try it for my niece for Christmas.And you make an excellent point about it not hurting when stepped on. That happens all too often around here!

  12. Pink & Green Mam says:

    My cats AND my kids would love this!!

  13. wonderful idea! I loved it. I have a four month old girl and I will make it for her.

  14. thanks for sharing

  15. Wow! You are a *wonderful* mother!!! As an artist, Early Childhood Educator, and a mother, I applaud your creativity and solution to your little problem. Brava!!!!

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  17. Very good idea to make rustle from rough clothes. This kinds of things could be use as violet for children as far as elders.


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