I’m not a good messy crafter

I haven’t had many crafty projects to share around here lately because I am on a rough streak of total crafty failure.

One of the great blessings and curses of my life is this trait I got from my dad. I will make something myself just because I think I can. Even if it would be cheaper, easier, look nicer, be less time consuming, and all around better if I left it up to the pros. I can’t help myself, if I can do it, I will do it. No matter what. My dad was the same way. I saw him build kayaks from scratch out of wood, make ornaments out of resin and fishing lures, and duck decoys out of Styrofoam and garbage bags.

Coupled with that is the ability to look at something, and figure out how to make it. So with those two traits, I end up trying to do everything myself, and I don’t always have the skills to pull it off.

After abandoning a couple different fabric projects, having my sewing machine completely lock down and freeze up, and having a couple of brilliant ideas for projects that would cost a mere couple hundred dollars to start, I’ve been playing around with paper, glue, paint, and resin. With very mixed results.

messy projects

I just don’t do very well with a prolonged messy project. I tend to let the whole house go to get through the project as soon as possible, but when it takes a week that means that nothing gets cleaned for a week. I had dishes strewn from one end of the house to the other, and every time I put Atticus down for tummy time he came up with stray hairs and bits glued to his face. It was bad you guys.

resin in progress

This was my second time working with resin, and I don’t think I love it. The room I had to work in was the warmest room in the house and the stuff set up so fast I just couldn’t get it to look how I wanted. The perfectionist in me has trouble living with air bubbles. I think I might have satisfied this particular “do it myself” itch.

Until the next time I have some “great” idea.