Year of Pleasures: Creative Friends

Galentines Cards
My friend Elisabeth got a bunch of our friends together to do a Galentine’s Card exchange, and the results have been trickling in all week. These friends are all connected by enjoying the Maximum Fun universe. Most of us have met through MaxFunCon or hang out on the forums and over twitter, and they are just a relentlessly awesome group of folks.

Galentines Display
If I ever doubted their awesomeness, this Galentine’s exchange would have fixed that right up. Hilarious, beautiful, talented, these cards are amazing. And now have a place of honor on my desk. They’re exactly the antidote I need for internet meanness.


Year of Pleasures: Rainy Day

rainy day

It’s bright blue skies and sunny here again today, but over the weekend and throughout the end of last week it was pouring rain. Rain always makes me happy – it reminds me of home in Seattle – but this was especially welcome since California is in the middle of a terrible drought that is threatening farmers all over the state. Local churches all got together to pray for rain and over the weekend there was one brief moment where I actually began to wonder if maybe we all had a little too much faith.


Year of Pleasures: Dreamhouse


I tried to take a short cut home from Atti’s school the other day and ended up getting lost. But around here that just means getting to take an unexpected drive through the country. I passed by this house and had to pull over to absorb it. This is exactly what I want to have someday, wrap around porch and all.


Year of Pleasures: Brian Kershisnik

She will find what is lost

Since I am broke, as I discussed yesterday, I’m hardly in the position to be an art collector. So when artists that I love offer open stock prints of their work I am so grateful I could weep. This is my latest acquisition. “She will find what is lost” by Brian Kershisnik.

This piece is so significant to me and has become even more significant since my work with Ordain Women. I believe God has more for his daughters.


Year of Pleasures: Pencil Socks!

Pencil Socks
You know what? It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in knee highs that doesn’t come off like a creepy camgirl shot. You can see that Miss Jem does not approve.

But I had no choice! I had to share these knee highs! Because not only are they gorgeous and hilarious and they make me so happy, but they are a symbol of friendship that warms my heart. A friend of mine has been going through a rough time, so a bunch of our friends and I got together to give her a “Care Bear Stare.” From all our different parts of the world we sent her pairs of socks so that she would have our love and support as she kept putting one foot in front of the other. It’s maybe my favorite gesture of love and friendship I’ve ever been a part of, so I had to buy an extra pair for myself so that I could remember how lucky I am to belong to a group of people like this.


Year of Pleasures: Freckle Face

Freckle Face

Those four little freckles just kill me.


Year of Pleasures: Hot Glue Flower

Hot Glue Flower

Whenever I smell a hot glue gun, I think of Christmas. That seems to be when I have it out the most and that smell has imprinted on my brain next to poinsettias and tinsel.

Working on my Christmas projects I had the hot glue gun warming up on my desk when the glue leaked out the nozzle into this little flower shape. Just a funny little coincidence, sure, but also a funny little serendipity that made me happy.


Year of Pleasures: Bird Neighbors

Backyard Blue Bird
Up here in the mountains we live closer to nature than we ever have before. In Modesto the closest I got to wildlife was spiders and stray cats. Here I am regularly awoken by chirping birds as they play in our backyard, dive bombing and chattering as they play hide and seek amongst the oak trees. The other day I heard a knocking so I went to answer the door but no one was there. So I went back to what I was doing until I heard the knocking again and looked up from the computer just in time to see a woodpecker fly away. An honest to goodness woodpecker! Pecking at my house!

Fence Sitter
We have a whole squirrel family that lives with us too, but they are always too fast for pictures. I tried to sprout a bunch of seedlings late in the summer and those little jerks dug out and ate every one of my seeds. But they’re fuzzy and hilarious, so I can’t stay mad at them. Especially when I watch them tease Boo. She chased one up the drainpipe and I swear that squirrel turned around and blew her a raspberry before scampering off.


Year of Pleasures: Study Help

Bear’s been asked to be the seminary teacher, which means that he gets up every morning at 5 to teach the teenagers about the scriptures. It’s a massive job and he’s lucky to be able to team teach, which helps defray some of the size of it all, but it’s still been a major change for us and a whole lot of work. He loves it, and I love having a quiet evening as we’re all reading together. And Gizmo loves it because he gets to park his big fuzzy butt on a pile of papers.


Year of Pleasures: Grumpy Pants

Grumpy Pants

If clothes allow us to express ourselves to the world, then these are the pants I wear when I want to tell the world, “Scram!”