Happy Halloween


Wheelchairs are the best at Halloween. I never have to worry about something being too awkward to carry around and I get to incorporate wheels in everything. Atti doesn’t even want to trick or treat, so he only puts up with any of this nonsense for my sake.       And now? For yours. […]

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Make a Pipecleaner Spiderweb


We’re only a few days away from Halloween, and that means that kids are excited, parents are frantically trying to get everything ready, nobody has time for a big complicated craft project, and kids have hands that need to be kept busy. So I have the perfect solution for you. These spiderwebs only take minutes […]

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Make an Adorable Mummy Doll


The mummy is my favorite of your classic movie monsters, because it isn’t plastered all over the place like you Frank’s and Drac’s. I love the underdog. But he’s also the one most frequently rendered in a way that grosses me out. My Halloween taste has a real sweet spot between too cute to live […]

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Make a Funny Halloween Sign


Every time I look at this sign I giggle. I am a hard core lover of puns and wordplay and this sign delights me to no end. But I have to admit, I got the initial idea from another sign I saw in a home decor store. It was one of those stores where everything […]

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Halloween Countdown Calendar – in FELT!


I’m beginning to realize that looking forward to great things is a big part of my coping strategy. I am obsessed with advent calendars, countdown calendars, paper chains, and all manner of beautiful craft projects that help me mark time until something fun happens. I’ve done it since I was a kid and I’m only […]

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Bedroom Makeover Reveal!


Here it is in all it’s glory. My long discussed, long awaited, final bedroom makeover reveal. I finished many of these projects a while ago, so sharp eyed instagram followers might even recognize some of these changes, but it took me a very long time to get all the tutorials and videos done and ready […]

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Decorate your walls with Quilled Art


One of the most popular projects I’ve ever done is my quilled snowflake Christmas Ornament. It’s been in magazines, it’s been stolen and put in magazine’s under someone else’s name, I’ve taught classes on it a million times, it is the little project that could. And one of the reasons it’s so enduring is because […]

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Decorate your walls with modern string art


String Art is a trend that has been around for a minute now, and while I normally avoid trends with every part of me, I’m still totally loving these string art medallions. I get so snobby about paper straws and mason jars, but it’s a hazard of the crafty job. I’m looking at this stuff […]

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Make a Manly Trinket Box


Bear and I have been married for 17 years. And over that time the only thing we fight about is how messy the house gets. With my OCD I’d be happiest with everything always put away in its designated place and if nobody ever moved anything. Bear would be happy if he left things wherever […]

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Decorate a Vintage Inspired Lampshade


Every room in my house is chock full of midcentury antiques or midcentury replications. I’m obsessed. From the vintage Fire King Peach Luster plates on my wall to the acid green couches I bought directly from their original owner, I am so deeply in love with this period of design that I couldn’t leave it […]

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