12 Days of Christmas Gift Tower

12 Days of Christmas Gift Tower

In all of my Christmas decorating, I haven’t done much with the theme of presents. That’s because all of my decorating is done in part so that the celebration isn’t just about getting stuff. But even I have to make certain exceptions, because there is little that is as pretty and thrilling as a wrapped […]

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Woven Seed Bead Necklace


I’m such a sucker for seed beads. Despite their small size, I’d rather work with seed beads than any other kind of bead. Which means you have to be really creative so you don’t just make the same necklace over and over again. To shake things up I thought I’d combine a couple of beading […]

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How to Finish a Quilt

Finish a Quilt

So yesterday I showed you how to use my favorite technique – machine applique – to make a city street scene your kids can use for playtime. Today I want to show you how to take that play cloth – or any other quilt top or even large piece of fabric – and turn it […]

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City Streets Play Mat

City Streets Play Cloth

If you watch the video, and I hope you do because not only is it clearer than the few photos I took but I think I love making youtube videos even more than blogging and I’m having oodles of fun with it, you will know that this project has been in the work for, like, […]

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DIY Christmas – Inspirational Glitter Canvas

Glitter Canvas

Bear made me promise no new trees this year. Since you have to make multiples of every project, they are so dang labor intensive and I’m incessantly talking about what needs to be done instead of celebrating the holiday. With how craptacular this year has been, I couldn’t go full tilt. BUT! I am eager […]

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JORD watch giveaway

JORD watch

While I was sick I had to quit a lot of gigs. I left design teams, I returned products and money for posts I’d agreed to write, there were a whole lot of opportunities I had to let go of in order to get healthy. That’s hard on a whole number of levels. It’s hard […]

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Year of Pleasures: Unlikely Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

I have a compost heap off to the side of the house, and since gardening and any kind of yard maitenance has been an absolute zero on my priority list, I never get over there. So imagine my surprise when I finally found myself in that corner of the yard and found tomatoes growing out […]

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Developments for Atticus


In keeping with this crappy year, I am not the only member of our family facing medical problems. For Atti’s whole life we’ve been watching his hips to see if they would be damaged by the tight spasticity of his muscles, and that time has come. His hamstrings are so tight that they’ve pulled one […]

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Here comes the sun


Hiya friends. So, it’s been a little while. I have gotten so many wonderful loving emails and FB messages and blog and youtube and instagram comments, you guys mean the world to me. Truly. Thank you for thinking of me and reaching out and caring. This has been a really really really rough year. Which […]

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Safe and Sound


We had a major scare and a miracle here this week. I’ve been hanging on by my fingernails, riding the hormonal roller coaster, and I’ve gotten into a bit of a rhythm. I’ve discovered that if I take a sleeping pill at 8 and then take a 2 hour bath, I can actually fall asleep […]

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