Make a Child’s Bean Bag Chair

Beanbag Chair Step 1

There are lots of dreams that came true with my little Atticus, but one of my favorites is getting to pass on my love of reading. My little guy is every bit as obsessed with books as I am, and he loves to while away the hours by playing with all the books in his […]

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Year of Pleasures: Tide Pods

Tide Pods

I know because this is such a naked recommendation this might seem like a commercial, but I promise, nobody is paying me or has even asked me to say this: Tide Pods may have changed my life. I saw the commercials and it seemed like such a trivial thing – using a pod instead of […]

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How to help

How to Help

Being the unfortunate expert in going through hard times, I often get loving tender hearted people who ask me how they can best help their loved ones who are dealing with something hard. Parenting a kid with special needs, dealing with miscarriage or infertility, chronic illness, and so much more, I am all too well […]

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DIY Nail Stickers

DIY Nail Art Step 1

So with the DIY Nail Art tools I shared yesterday, I’ve been practicing my nail art skills and come to the realization that I’m not great. There are a few things working against me – not being terribly ambidextrous, not putting in any practice time – but the thing that gets me every time is […]

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DIY Nail Art Tools

DIY Nail Art Tools

As firmly on record as I am with not obsessing about the condition of my nails, I’m also not immune from pretty things. And when I feel so inclined, it’s a really nice treat to have my nails looking pretty. But because of, you know, life, I can’t spend a lot of time making my […]

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Year of Pleasures: Creative Friends

Galentines Cards

My friend Elisabeth got a bunch of our friends together to do a Galentine’s Card exchange, and the results have been trickling in all week. These friends are all connected by enjoying the Maximum Fun universe. Most of us have met through MaxFunCon or hang out on the forums and over twitter, and they are […]

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What are your kids hearing from you?

Atti Listening

Atti still speaks in what we refer to as “catchphrases.” He’s like that kid in college who had a Dumb and Dumber quote for every occasion, only his quotes tend to come from his LeapFrog toys. There is a lot about that that stresses me out, but there’s also one side effect that makes me […]

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Crochet Circle Cuff

Connect Crochet Circles Step 1

The idea for this bracelet has been cooking away in my brain for nearly two years, always getting bumped down the priority list for other things that seemed more important than decorating my arm. But a new friend I made at CHA made me put myself first for a change. I met Michelle from Simplicity […]

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Project Put Together: Best Eyeliner

Loreal Lacquer Liner

I have a well-documented obsession with eyeliner. It’s the single product that makes the largest difference in how I look. Some people never leave the house without mascara, some will always go for a lip gloss, for me, it’s eyeliner. I only put on makeup a couple days a week because I don’t like putting in […]

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Year of Pleasures: Rainy Day

rainy day

It’s bright blue skies and sunny here again today, but over the weekend and throughout the end of last week it was pouring rain. Rain always makes me happy – it reminds me of home in Seattle – but this was especially welcome since California is in the middle of a terrible drought that is […]

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