Life List

To kick off Project Put Together, I sat down and made a list of 101 things I want to do. I would say, “before I die,” but I hope to get around to these much sooner than that.


Have a gallery show
Learn to swim
Take dance classes
Record a song
Learn to speak French
Learn to speak Italian
Write two novels
Write a memoir
Keep chickens
Keep bees
Make my own cheese
Make my own pasta
Have an orchard
Custom build a home
Host a writers retreat
Learn to draw
Run a 5K
Get involved in the community
Create a network of friends that are like family
Learn to play the piano
Learn to play the guitar
Teach Atticus to read
Fully decorate a home
Fix up my teeth
Build a bedframe
Write a craft book
Be happy with my body
Have a closet full of clothes I love
Know how to style my hair
Learn how to best apply makeup
Have a guest house
Become financially independent
Visit all seven continents
Visit all 50 states
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go skydiving
Have a summer home
Hike half dome
Go to all the local agricultural festivals
Enter something in the fair
See Mt Rushmore and the Grand Canyon
Spend a week in NY seeing shows and eating fabulous meals
Get better at photography
Cook at home every night for six months
Design a line of crosstitch patterns
Find my sport
Add to our family
Get really good at making bread
Go canoeing with the family
Go camping
Host a Christmas home tour
Make the Marbek nativity
Make a closet full of homemade quilts
Give a reading
Tell a story on the moth
Act in a play
Put on a one woman show
Make something in a collaborative project
Help Atticus become independent
Read every book on my bookshelf
Take up painting
Go snorkeling
Go birdwatching
Visit a black sand beach
Do a run for CP with Atti
Go on tour
Watch AFI’s top 100 films
Read every Pulitzer prize winning book in print
Have a hammock in my backyard
Make a grass couch
See the Northern Lights
Walk the great wall
Walk (at least part of) the appalachian trail
Be in a movie
Complete some kind of 365 project
Go to a charity ball
Ride in a gondola
Go skiing
Take a pottery class
Blow glass
Make a significant change in the world
Go to a film festival
Catch a taping of SNL
Drive Route 66
Give someone a job
Eat at the French Laundry
Eat at WD-50
Ride a bike in a resort town
See tulips in Holland
Taste balsamic vinegar in Modena
See bioluminescent algae
Go on a photo safari
Get out of debt
Perform music with Atti
Spend a whole day reading with Atti
Take Atti to a real concert
Go to the Oscars
Take a salsa class with Jared
Get accepted to a prestigious writers retreat
Drive through a redwood tree
Fix up my eating habits