DIY Christmas Ornament – Embroidered Postcard Ornament

postcard-embroidery-ornamentAren’t vintage illustrations just the most gorgeous thing? I fell down a real Pinterest hole when I was looking for 60’s artwork. The illustrations used in ads back then are astonishing. I wanted that artwork reflected on the tree, and not in my own sorry imitation. I wanted to use that artwork, but juzh it up a little bit. A little embroidery to bring the image into 3D is really all it took.
step-1I got my postcards at, but you can find vintage postcards easily, or have any other image you want printed. Use a needle to poke holes around everything you want to stitch. The paper is so thick that trying to go through it with your threaded needle is tough, and you won’t be able to see where your needle is coming from the back, so you need to pre-drill your stitch lines. I wanted to stitch around all the red, green, and around the reindeer.
step-2 Stitch your lines with crewel embroidery thread. I just used a backstitch because it’s my favorite outlining stitch.
step-3 In the berries I wanted to use French knots, so I pierced two holes in each of them.
step-4Bring your needle up through one of those holes. Point your needle up so the eye is pointing toward the postcard and wrap the thread around three or four times. The more you loops you do, the bigger your knot will be.
step-5 Pull the needle down through the other hole in the berry, holding the loops down with your thumb.
step-6Here I’ve finished all the embroidery including the French knots. You could get really fancy if you wanted to, with loads of special stitches, but I like how simple the outlining is around this illustration.
step-7Cut two pieces of fabric 1″ larger on each side from your artwork. I used a polar fleece, but any fabric that doesn’t frame will work. I like the polar fleece for how it gives the ornament some thickness. You’ll also need a ribbon for an ornament hanger.
step-8 Sandwich the ornament thread in between the layers of fabric and center the artwork on top of the fabric sandwich. Sew all around all four sides, sewing through the paper postcard at the same time. Make sure both ends of the ornament ribbon are secure in the seam.
postcard-ornamentThis is my very favorite ornament on this tree. The illustration is so sweet and the stitching and fabric turn it into an actual ornament and not just a postcard. That Santa face is just so dang charming, all it ever needed was a frame.