Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

dsc_0001Here it is in all it’s glory. My long discussed, long awaited, final bedroom makeover reveal. I finished many of these projects a while ago, so sharp eyed instagram followers might even recognize some of these changes, but it took me a very long time to get all the tutorials and videos done and ready to share. 2016 has been a YEAR. But honestly, so were 2015 and 2014. I’m on quite a roll. But now I get this lovely oasis to spend my time in, and since I’ve been spending a lot of time convalescing lately, it couldn’t get better.


dsc_0005Bear got a new dresser to replace the one that was a casualty of too many moves, I got a reading nook with my cozy no binding blanket, and on the wall is a grouping of some art collages I made. I made those without intending to share as a tutorial, so I’ll give a close up of those on another day.


dsc_0009My midcentury Craigslist dresser got a desperately needed facelift. The drawers needed new supports to keep from sagging in to each other, the body got a couple coats of bright white, and the arc detail was brought out with a little gold. That arc pattern became an accidental motif through the room and I love it. And of course new laundry hampers that are now kitty scratch proof. On the wall are a collection of photos and art prints, and in the corner is my Quilled Heart artwork.


dsc_0028This is my side of the bed, complete with some of my sick person supplies. Even in my glamour shots I can’t help but keep it real. Here the Hanging Lamp shines down on my Bookshelf Bedside Table and Tulle Lampshade.

dsc_0033When I was a little girl I thought having a vanity table was the most glamorous thing in the whole wide world. I keep my makeup in the bathroom so I use this table for frequently worn jewelry and lotions. I keep coconut oil in the candy dish and in the soap dispenser I keep some fragrant lotions. I never remember to put lotion on until I’m in bed, so keeping it here means I actually use it.


dsc_0035Under my bedside table I keep a basket full of Atti books. I love that he loves books so much, I just don’t want him to mess up mine. This keeps him busy when he wants to be near me and I am needing to rest or get myself dressed. She-Ra likes to use it as a perch. You can also see my lovely Mosaic Medicine Box instead of a pile of pill bottles.






dsc_0066Bear’s bedside, as clean as it will ever be. But at least with his Manly Trinket Box it has a chance.




dsc_0064And of course the big centerpiece of the room, my bed. Upholstered Bed Frame and Wingback Headboard, Custom bedskirt, Suit Sham Pillows, Cable Knit Pillows, Blinged Out Rhinestone Pillows, and a couple of cats. With some Spirograph inspired String Art Medallions up above.

The quilt is a to scale replica I designed of Piet Mondrian’s Composition: Light Color Planes with Grey Contours, but I can’t share that in a tutorial, I’d have to draft a pattern for sale. Maybe I’ll get to that if 2017 will leave me alone! In the meantime, I’ll be hiding under my covers and enjoying the view of my beautiful bedroom.