Haystack Cookies….or Birds Nest Cookies!

Birds Nest Cookies
This is a two for one recipe. The only difference is which theme your party treats need to fit. If you’re throwing a farm birthday like I did for Atticus, then these are Haystack Cookies. If you’re looking for an adorable little treat to bring to Easter dinner, than these are Birds Nest Cookies. Either way they are crazy delicious. In the words of my friend Noelle, they taste like dehydrated funnel cakes.

Step 1
All you gotta do is melt some chocolate. I prefer to use a double boiler method, which is really just a bowl on top of a saucepan full of water. You can do it in the microwave if you feel strongly about it, but I find it not worth the convenience when you can’t control the temperature and end up burning it half the time.

Step 2
Then you just stir in a bag of crunchy chow mein noodles. As always, my measurements are *super* precise (sarcasm). I used a bag of chocolates and a bag of noodles, and just stirred and stirred until everything was coated.

Step 3
Drop spoonfuls of chocolaty noodles onto parchment paper, giving them a little squish so they’re touching enough to get stuck together as the chocolate dries.

Haystack Cookies
If you’re theme is farm or harvest, congratulations! You’re done! These were such a hit at Atti’s birthday, I thought these up at the last minute and yet these were the treat that had people questioning how my brain works. Store them in a ziplock or cookie jar and they’ll keep for ages.

Step 4
To transform the cookies from haystacks, just press down in the center to make a little dent.

Step 5
Then, using a little more melted chocolate if you need to in order to make them stay, add a few Cadbury Mini Eggs on top to complete the look.

One of the things I dislike about making food fit a theme is that you often sacrifice taste for adorableness. Have you ever eaten the fondant that cake decorators use to make all those gorgeous cakes? Bleck. Give me a plain looking buttercream frosting anyday. This is one of the very few times I can say with all honesty, this cookie is so delicious I’d make them even if I didn’t have a themed party to throw. But when I do? You better believe these will be on the table.