Reload Cereal Bowl

Reload Cereal Bowl
I have been getting way too big a kick out of myself lately. This is just one of a few projects lately that have me cracking up at my punny self. Geddit? Geddit? Once you get to the bottom of the bowl, you have to reload! I’m such a mom. That is total mom humor, but I can’t stop giggling at myself. Still, even if your gift list isn’t full of people who share my sense of humor, I think anyone who spends time on the internet, any tech person, any teenage gamer with a bottomless stomach, would get at least a grin out of this cereal bowl.

Supplies are simple. You just need a clear glass bowl – I got mine at the dollar store – glass paint, a printout of the reload symbol sized to fit your bowl, and some tape to hold it all in place.

Step 1
Tape the image on the inside of the bowl, with the printing facing the bottom of the bowl. For this image it doesn’t really matter, but if you were using this technique with words you’d definitely want to reverse it before printing. You have to paint it backwards so that when it’s viewed right side up through the glass it’s the right way across.

Step 2
Use glass paint to trace the image on the bottom of the bowl, using several coats as needed to get the opaque coverage you need.

Step 3
When the black paint is dry, paint the entire back of the bowl gold, using several coats again to get solid coverage.

Step 4
Finish it off with a protective clear coat to really protect that paint job from being scratched off, and let it dry thoroughly.

Reload Bowl
Teenagers and dudes are so hard to shop for, but they’re even harder to make for. That was the whole inspiration behind this project, to come up with something homemade suitable for dudes. But every time I do that I end up making something really cool that would work for a huge swath of people. I think there’s a lesson there, but I’m too focused on what has to get done before Christmas to find it.