Monogrammed Button Bracelet

Button Bracelet
Mom’s Day crafts aren’t always simple. Sure, they’re not as hard as Father’s Day, but it’s still hard to strike the balance between honoring the holiday and making something that looks like a school project made by a Kindergartener. You could just make something pretty, or you could make something sentimental. Or you could make this button bracelet, that’s both.

The buttons make it a charming vintage looking bracelet, but the subtle dyed monogram makes it touching and sentimental without looking like you’d have to be touched to wear it. It’s the best of both worlds.

Step 1
Pick out a few buttons that are large enough to write a letter on. Large buttons with only a couple holes work great, and so do buttons with the shank on the back. Use Elmer’s Blue Glue Gel to write your letter on and let it dry overnight.

Step 2
Dye a bunch of buttons in a mix of dye and hot water. How long this takes depends on the materials the buttons are made of and the color you’re going for. Keep an eye on them until you’re satisfied with the color, anywhere from 2 minutes to 30. When you’re done, wash them with soap and dry them thoroughly.

Step 3
Line up your largest buttons until you have a line long enough to fit around your wrist. Bring your threaded needle up from the back and through each hole, making an X, then move on to the next button with the thread in the back and repeat until your buttons are all sewed together.

Step 4
When you get to the end, use the thread to tie on one end of a bracelet closure, then go back across the line to where you started, sewing so that you now have two lines of thread running across the back of the buttons. When you get back to where you started, tie on the other end of the closure.

Step 5
Now it’s time to layer on the pretty smaller buttons. Line up one of the button’s holes with a hole on the bracelet and use your thread to come up from the back and attach the new button. Stitch through the other holes of the new button, attaching it to the bottom layer wherever it lines up.

Step 6
Keep adding buttons, layering as you go, sewing them altogether as the holes line up. Continue adding across the bracelet until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Step 7
When you’ve added all the other buttons you want to, bring your thread to the middle of the bracelet and stitch on the special buttons you’ve monogrammed.

Monogrammed Button Bracelet
When all your buttons are stitched in place, bring the thread to the back of the bracelet and tie it in a knot. Cut off the remaining thread and dab a little glue on the knot to make it secure.

*Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by RIT dye, but the project design, pictures, words, and opinions are all my own.