How to stop mascara smudging under your eyes

How to stop mascara from smudging under your eyes

How to stop mascara from smudging

You may have noticed that most of my makeup posts in this little Project Put Together series revolve around eyeliner and mascara. As a freckleface I don’t do much for the rest of my skin, but it’s my eyes that have always caused me frustration when doing my makeup. Dark circles, puffiness, and fleshy eyelids mean that this is where I spend all of my makeup time. But since I have what the makeup pros call “oily eyes” and also what the ophthalmologists call “too small tear ducts,” all of that makeup regularly ends up rubbing off or running down my face. My dark circles are regularly compounded by smeared mascara and eyeliner.

Setting mascara step 1
So here’s how to stop mascara from smudging under your eyes: powder. You need a blotting powder or some other kind of powder that dries translucent. You don’t want your eyelashes to be the same color as your skin, so nothing with a color to it.

Setting mascara Step 2
Use a small powder brush – something you’d use for eyeshadow application, but make sure it’s clean – and dip it into the translucent powder. I like to go really light and apply a few coats, to make sure that I don’t get goopy or take away from the dark color I’m relying on the mascara and eyeliner to give me. Brush the powder on everywhere you’ve put makeup, making sure to get the tips of the lashes that come in contact with the rest of your skin.

I’ve had it recommended to me to use a setting or finishing spray on top of this, but I have yet to try it out myself. I’ll be sure and report back when I do.