One Little Word: Strive

One Little Word Cross Stitch
Last year one of my big goals was to start more seasonal family traditions. I think there’s more I can do on that front, but I’m really pleased with what we’ve added. A Christmas open house, birthday lanterns, even Atti and my first camping trip (Bear remains a holdout.) But I think this one is my favorite. Around Christmas time we have lots of ways that we display our family values. I have a whole tree dedicated to it, for goodness sake, and our collection of Newlywed ornaments is always a big hit. I love that these little leaves bring that tradition in all year long.

Bear and I sat around one night brainstorming our Word of the Year in between commercial breaks, and we both kept coming back to ‘Work.’ But out of context that could mean anything, and for a couple of people a little too dedicated to our work, maybe we didn’t need that encouragement. We both felt like this coming year was going to be one that required our diligence. Atti will probably, hopefully, possibly, getting the big surgery we’ve been waiting on for two years, and if that ever actually happens it’s going to be a major step back in his ability before a (hopeful) leap forward. Bear’s work is relentless, and mine is as big or small as I’d want to make it. My angsty posts of late probably reflect a bit of dissatisfaction there, but it’s one borne of analyzing what I’m trying to accomplish. I think I might have found an answer, but it’s going to take more work.

So all of our goals this year require us to aim high and work for what we want. So we’re going to strive.

Word of the year Needlepoint
With only two years of this tradition, I’m still keeping my little leaves in a bowl, but once I’ve got three leaves, I’m getting myself a little tree to put them on. And as the years go by it will fill with more and more of our goals as our little family works on becoming who we want to be.