Christmas DIY: Polar Fleece Scarf Ornament

Polar Fleece Scarf
Two holiday parties last week, an epic sickness, and three holiday parties this week, and I am BEAT. And then at the class party today I realized I didn’t have enough presents for all the teachers aides, so I have to go back to the kitchen to make some more before getting up to do the whole thing again tomorrow. Next week I should be done with my to-do list and ready to just enjoy the season, but for tonight? My eyes are glazing over and I need some sleep. So I’m shuffling a few things around on my calendar because I need an easy night. And because I might be making a few of these to make up for the teacher’s aides and bus drivers I didn’t make enough hot fudge for.

Polar Fleece Scarf Tutorial Step 1
You’ll need polar fleece in two different colors. Cut two pieces each measuring 2 1/2″ wide, and 30″ long. The polar fleece I bought came off the bolt at 60″ wide, so I just cut off the selvedges and then cut it in half. If I was making this for an actual person to wear, I’d cut it about 6″ wide and 66″ long or longer, unless I was trying to skimp on fabric and then I’d call 60″ long enough.

Polar Fleece Scarf Tutorial Step 2
Line the two pieces up wrong sides together and sew the edges closed. If I was making this scarf to be worn I might take a little time to make this step more decorative, maybe with a blanket or other overcast stitch.

Polar Fleece Scarf Tutorial Step 3
Snip the ends of the scarf about three inches long and about 1/3 of an inch wide. (I was REALLY strict about the measurements here :sarcasm:) Separate the fringe and tie the front and back pieces together with a couple of knots. You’ve probably seen this done for simple baby blankets, and it’s a great way to not only secure the pieces together but add a little pretty at the same time. Plus, I love how it brings the contrasting fabric to the other side.

Polar Fleece Scarf Tutorial
On my tree I just tied these around the branches as if I was tying them around my neck. And I love how it turned out. This little tree has so much personality.

Now excuse me, I have presents to make, before my eyes slam shut.