Christmas DIY: Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Wrapped Pipe Cleaner Words
On a lazy Sunday night I’ve got a couple of lazy Sunday projects for you. These two ideas are so so simple that it feels a bit like cheating to put them up, but I love the impact so much that I have to share them.

I’ve had a huge basket of Lion Brand Bon Bons sitting in my studio since I did a sponsored project with them ages ago, and wouldn’t you know it if those little suckers didn’t come in handy again. This is what I mean when I say I only do sponsored posts with companies I actually use. They sent me samples and I keep giving them new projects whether they want them or not. Anyway, rambling aside, they really are perfect for this project. Any yarn will do, especially any little yarn remnants you’ve been hoarding, but I liked the Bon Bons because they’re easy to maneuver around the pipe cleaner.

Pipe Cleaner Word Step 1
To start twist together enough pipe cleaners to spell your word. I did a dry run by bending the pipe cleaners into a word shape to know exactly how big I’d need to make it, but you’ll want to keep your pipe cleaners straight for wrapping. Shoving yarn through the center of tiny letter loops is no fun.

Pipe Cleaner Word Step 2
Then you just wrap and wrap and wrap. I tied the yarn in a knot around the pipe cleaner about a 1/2″ from where I wanted the color to start and then backtracked. That way I wrapped the yarn over my knot to cover it up and hide any tails. When I was ready to switch colors I did the same basic thing – went ahead about 1/2″, tied a knot, then tied a knot with the new yarn in about the same place and backtracked to wrap over both knots.

A little glue on the ends keeps the yarn from sliding off the tips, and then you just bend the pipe cleaner into whatever word – or in my case, sound – that you want.

Pipe Cleaner Chain
While I was in the pipe cleaner aisle I found these bright neon ones and they just looked like a fuzzy ski parka to me, so I had to have them. Later on that same shopping trip I saw a red and white chain garland and I knew exactly how my fuzzy ski parka was going to find itself on the tree.

Pipe Cleaner Chain Step 1
The size of chain I liked best was when I cut the pipe cleaners in half. Which is easy enough to do with scissors, but if you have wire cutters handy you’ll prolong the life of your scissors by using instead.

Pipe Cleaner Chain Step 2
Wrap the pipe cleaner in a circle and twist the ends over on itself. Not together like you would a bread twist tie, over on itself so keep the circle going.

Pipe Cleaner Chain Step 3
Thread that chain onto your next piece before twisting and then keep on building.

What I love about both these project is their simplicity. These are simple enough to entrust to the youngest of kids, but they still add a lovely punch of color to your decorations. Plus, it gives you a chance to keep those young hands busy as you sit together making Christmas memories.