Christmas DIY: Pair of Slippers Ornament

Slipper Ornament Tutorial
Bear and I get along famously. We’re one of those annoying couples who are so on the same page that we accidentally dress alike all the time. But the one thing we are always bickering over is the temperature of the house. I am always running cold and he is always running hot. He’s trying to open windows while I’m wearing sweaters and lying under blankets. I am often shoving the tip of my nose against his face to prove how cold I am so he’ll turn up the heat. And my poor toes. My toes are always so cold we call them toecicles. Which forces me to be an expert in slippers. It’s the only chance I’ve got.

I am almost never without slippers when I’m home. Fleece lined, down filled, memory foam, even slippers that sweep the floor while I walk around the house. So in honor of my poor frozen toes, some mini slippers had to be included on my tree before it was finished bundling up.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 1
To save you any fretting, I’ve made you a pattern. But it’s just a basic shoe shape. You could make your own the same way I did – by tracing the shoe of a little kid you happen to have handy. You’ll need four pieces to make the souls, and two rectangles to be the uppers. Mine measure 4 inches by 4 1/2 inches.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Fold the rectangles in half so that it measures 2″ x 4 1/2″, then sew it shut. Turn it right side out.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 3
At this point you’ll want to plan ahead to make one shoe the right shoe and the other the left. Take your four soul pieces and divide them into two stacks, arranging them so that the toes face in toward each other. Take your tubes and place them seam side down, then pin each tube in between two soul pieces. If you’ve arranged it correctly then the seam on the tube will be hidden when you turn it right side out. The tube is much longer than the soul pieces, so you’ll have to be careful when pinning to fold it out of the way of where you’ll be sewing so that you don’t catch it in your seams. Sew all the way around, leaving just an inch open for turning.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 4
Turn your slippers right side out, making sure that everything is laying the way it’s supposed to. You can stuff your slippers if you want to, particularly if you’re using a fabric that isn’t as fluffy as this polar fleece, but I wanted to keep my slippers flat so I let the fabric do the work. If you did stuff it, I’d definitely recommend using a batting instead of a stuffing.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 5
Fold the edges in and sew a line of topstitching all the way around the slipper.

Slipper Ornament Tutorial Step 6
Sew the slippers together by putting a few stitches in the sides of that top band. It only takes a few stitches so you can do it by hand if you have trouble shoving all this through your sewing machine. I tied a loop of fishing line around these bands so I could hang these on the tree.

Slipper Ornaments
These little ornaments worked up so fast and so easily, that I think I might actually try making some full sized. I can never have enough slippers, and now that I know how easy they are to make, I think I might just make some in every color. I could have slippers to match every outfit!

Slipper Ornament Pattern
To download the pattern, click through and download the original size.