Christmas DIY: Pair of Mittens Ornament

Pair of Mittens Ornament
I couldn’t stop the inspiration. Whenever I looked at my list of ideas I couldn’t bear to cross one off. So in this last dash to Christmas I’m going to be pumping out the tutorials to share them all in time. This little set was another one that the tree just wouldn’t be complete without. You have to have mittens on a bundled up tree! But lucky for me (and for you) they whip up in a super hurry.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial Step 1
Download the handy little pattern I’ve made for you, or just trace a hand or mitten you have nearby. You’ll need to cut the pattern out four times out of a fabric for the outside, and four times out of a fabric for the lining. If your fabric has a specific front and back remember that you’ll need to have one mitten be a right mitten, and one be a left. So if your fronts and back are different than you’ll want to flip the pattern over for two pieces.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Sew your lining and exterior pieces all around the edge, leaving the wrist section open. So now you should have two exterior pieces and two lining pieces. Snip the corners between the thumb and the hand and turn the exterior pieces right side out. Leave the lining pieces just the way they are and insert them into the mittens so that all the seams are hidden between the lining and outside pieces.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial Step 3
Fold the raw edges still at the wrist towards the inside between the layers. Pin in place.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial Step 4
Pin a piece of yarn (I didn’t even bother measuring it. Maybe it was a foot?) between the two layers. I liked to position my yarn right at the seam on the thumb side of the mitten.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial Step 5
Sew all the way around the cuffs right at the edge. Then fold them over to show the contrasting lining.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Tutorial
These are not only super cute, but I think they’d even be pretty functional. I can’t remember the last time I saw mittens for sale that still had the yarn connecting them, so if your little ones are always losing their mittens, this might be a solution. Or an adorable last minute gift.

Pair of Mittens Ornament Pattern
To use the pattern, just click on it and download the original size.