Christmas DIY: Flannel Shirt Ornaments

Flannel Shirt Ornament
As a teenager growing up in Seattle during the 90’s, I rarely wore an actual coat. Normally I wore layers of flannels. Usually stolen from my sister, who stole them from my dad. Since I never had many clothing options growing up, I remember that one day I actually buttoned the flannel, just to get a little variety in my weekly wardrobe, and I honest to goodness got made fun of for it. Trends are weird.

So on my Bundled Up Cozy Christmas tree, a flannel ornament was a must. But just like my Sweater Balls from earlier this week, I wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t literal. I’ve already got my Ugly Christmas Sweater ornaments, and coming up I have little sweaters and little coats, so I felt like the shirt shaped ornament was more than covered. With this little flannel I just wanted to give the impression of a shirt, which also meant it was ridiculously easy to whip up.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial Step 1
The back piece measures 3 1/2″ tall and 3″ wide, which was really just an arbitrary pick so you could easily change that and make it as big as you want. For the front you’ll need two pieces measuring 3 1/2″ tall and 2 1/2″ wide, although if you need to cut it thinner you can. I left myself a ton of room to maneuver. Then you’ll need two pieces to be your collar which are 1 1/2″ squares.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Fold one of the front pieces over and overlap it with the second front piece until it measures 3″ wide. You’ll want that seam to be off center by about 1/2″ to make room for buttons. Sew in place right up to the edge of that fold.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial Step 3
Fold the two square collar pieces into triangles and place them on top of the finished front piece so that all the raw edges line up together.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial Step 4
Place a loop of yarn or string on top to act as the ornament hanger. Put your back piece on top of the stack with right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving a 1″ opening for turning and stuffing.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial Step 5
Turn right side out and glue three buttons right down the center of the shirt. Once the glue is dry, stuff it and sew it closed.

Flannel Shirt Ornament Tutorial
I don’t know what it is about making these little, but in a miniature version even a grungy flannel shirt looks as sweet as can be. I made these fairly small so I think I’ll put them close to the tip of the branch so they can get the attention they deserve. And once again, I’m thinking how cute these would be as package decorations. Maybe it’s the miniature effect again. The mother in me wants to protect the widdol baby shurt.