Christmas DIY: Earmuff Ornament

Earmuff Ornament
One Christmas when my youngest sister was really little, she got it in her head that she wanted a pair of earmuffs. Every Santa she saw she’d ask for earmuffs. She made it clear that this was the make it or break it present and if no earmuffs were under the Christmas tree, it was proof the whole thing was a hoax. Who knows what put that in her head, but there was no dislodging it. I guess that’s just kid’s for you, I’ve gotten emails from other parents under similar emotional threat who used one of my tutorials to save Christmas after shopping proved fruitless. You wouldn’t think earmuffs would be that big of a challenge, but growing up in Seattle where it rarely got cold enough to freeze, we couldn’t find them anywhere. If I remember right, something turned up at the little 5 and Dime kind of place in town, the pre-dollar-store dollar store, and Christmas was saved at the last minute. If only I sewed back then, I could have saved us all a lot of trouble.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial Step 1
These earmuffs won’t really keep your ears very warm, but they’re lightweight enough to hang on the tree without breaking branches and they cost about as much as the miraculous pre-dollar-store earmuffs did back in the early 90’s.

You’ll need four circles of fabric, a headband, a little stuffing, and any trim you want to use. To get the circles the size I wanted I just traced the bottom of a mason jar.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Pin the circles right side together with the trim sandwiched between them. When you’ve got the trim wrapped all the way around back to where you started from, overlap it with your starting piece and make sure all the cut edges are hanging outside.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial Step 3
Sew all the way around, leaving an inch open for turning. I like to make sure that the space I leave open is different spot from where all my trim comes out. It makes stuffing and turning and closing up way way easier if all those edges are dealt with.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial Step 4
Turn it right side out and stuff.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial Step 5
Stick the headband all the way in, fold the edges under, and glue shut.

Earmuff Ornament Tutorial
I love this ornament for a lot of reasons, but a big one is the variety it brings to the tree. With so many things made miniature, it’s a nice contrast to have something life sized in comparison. Plus, if Atti ever gets it in his head that Santa has to bring him some earmuffs, I’ll be prepared.