Christmas DIY: Cold Hands Warm Heart Cross Stitch

Since cross stitch is my first crafting love, I can’t let a tree go by without a little something. This year I went back to a saying I used to hear all the time as a kid. I don’t know why I heard it so often then and not so much now. Maybe as a child I had more occasion to touch adult’s hands and have them apologize for their temperature, maybe once I moved to California the saying became a whole lot less relevant, or maybe it’s collecting dust on the nostalgia shelf like “rad” and “keep on trucking.” But I vividly remember the recess monitor holding my hand and offering this sentiment with a smile.

After stitching this simple design up I backed it with a piece of blue flannel and sandwiched another piece of blue flannel on the top, with a piece of grosgrain ribbon tucked in between. Like the Ugly Christmas Sweater ornament from yesterday, just sew around leaving an inch wide opening, turn right side out, stuff, and close.

Bundle Up Cross Stitch Pattern
To download the pattern just click on the image above and download the original image. Enjoy it in good health, bundled up in front of the fire as you stitch so your hands will be as warm as your heart.