Halloween Craft: Witch and Skulls Mobile

Halloween Porch Mobile
Every good Halloween house needs a little spooky something to greet Trick or Treaters, but since I still have a little guy, I’m not really a fan of Halloween houses that cover the front porch in gore. Finding something that’s cool and spooky but not gross can be a hard task, which is yet another reason why it’s so awesome to be a crafter. This project will take you 30 minutes not counting the time it takes for paint to dry, and you can have it up and making your front porch festive in an afternoon.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 1
Most of the work of this project is done by just shopping for the right stuff. I picked up this witch hat and three skulls from my local Michaels. They came as unpainted paper mache figures, and a quick coat of spray paint took care of that. I used spray paint, although any paint you have on hand will do, just because it was super fast, I had some handy, and I really loved the glossy look it gave my witches hat. I sprayed a coat of black on the skulls as well, particularly on the inside, to serve as a base coat.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 2
Then I sponged on the white so that the skulls would have a little depth to them.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 3
With the paint dry it’s just a matter of assembly. Take out your morbid aggressions by stabbing your skulls in the head with an exacto knife. Then use the back of a paintbrush to make the hole bigger.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 4
Thread whatever you’re using to hang the skulls – this black silk cord in my case – on to a large needle. Push it down through the hole you’ve made and pull it out through the jawbone. Take the needle off and tie a knot in the end of the cord, large enough so that it can’t pull back out through your hole. Do this for your other two skulls too.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 5
To make the witch’s hat look like a witch was wearing it, I used this cool green and tan excelsior basket filler. Run a line of hot glue on the inside of the hat and carefully push the excelsior into the melted glue. Careful about burns! The glue loves to seep through the excelsior when you’re not paying attention.

Halloween Mobile Tutorial Step 6
I thought the whole thing could use a little color, so I found this great glitter ribbon to make a hatband out of. I left long tails to dangle down the back.

When your hat is totally decorated, push a hole through the top of it just as we did for the skulls, and thread all three cords from the inside of the hat to the outside, so that you can gather them altogether on top of the hat. Tie a knot right where you want the hat to stay and put some hot glue on the bottom of your knot. Push the hat into the glue so it will stay up high where you want it and not collapse down on the skulls. Tie another knot in the strings to hang the mobile from and cut off the extra.

Halloween Mobile Closeup
This still manages to look grown up and fun without potential scaring any of the littlest trick or treaters. Maybe when Atti gets bigger I’ll discover a love of gore, but I won’t need it if I have stuff as cute as this.

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