MAC Penultimate Eyeliner

MAC Eyeliner
Last year some time I went and picked up the mail to find a padded envelope from my favorite cousin Karen. She knows my feelings about eyeliner – if I put any makeup on at all it’s that – and so when she found a good one she had to share it with me. This is MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner. Which makes me giggle because I love big words and that means ‘second to last’ eyeliner. I guess they were going for a pun on it being a pen, but second to last doesn’t sound like a great way to describe your product.

Despite the bizarre marketing choices, this is a really great eyeliner. The marker style applicator lets you get precise with it, but it’s not as harsh as a liquid. My oily eyes make pencil liners a bad choice – it’s only a matter of minutes before I’m just a smudgy mess – so when I have no time but I still want to look like I tried, this is what I grab.