How to fix dried out gel eyeliner

Refresh gel eyeliner
If you are like me and don’t wear eyeliner every day, then I bet you are familiar with this problem: Your beautiful pricey pot of gel eyeliner dries up into a hard mass before you are even halfway through the bottle. If you wear eyeliner so rarely that you have the same pot from five years ago, it’s time to just throw it away. Bacteria and eye sockets are not two things that should be friendly. But if it’s a year old or less, you can save it!

Don’t use tap water, because, again, bacteria and eye sockets. You want something sterile. And one easy way to find that is in some eye drops. Make sure you’re not using a cleansing solution, it should just be something to moisturize dry eyes.

Dried out eyeliner
Some eyeliners will just absorb the liquid, particularly if you don’t wait until the dried eyeliner is rattling around in it’s pot, looking as shrivelled up as a pea you find under the couch.

But if you do put it off, like, ahem, me, then just use the back of one of your liner brushes to stir and mash and push until your eyeliner resembles a paste again. And then you can go on using it until it’s time to chuck it out due to it’s age, like the makeup gods intended.

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