Tutorial: Scalloped Bunting

Scalloped Bunting

Scalloped Bunting

Scalloped Banner
I confess I have a rather large snobby streak, and once something reaches a certain level of popularity, I go all hipster and turn my nose up at it. The pennant trend was one of my current objects of snobbery. For years now every craft fair I go to, every blog I visit, every party I attend, has different variations of the pennant banner. I get it, they’re adorable and they bring a ton of eye candy for very little effort and materials.

When I had this backyard space to dress up, I knew it was time to swallow my pride and cave to the cuteness, but I still had enough snobbery in me to try to do it in a way that was distinctly my own. So: NO PENNANTS! The answer, is scallops.

Scalloped Banner Tutorial Step 1
I haven’t seen anyone doing a scalloped banner, and that is probably because straight lines are so so so very much easier to cut. But that’s if you’re doing the cutting. In the wedding aisle they have these lovely little tulle circles all prepared for you in every season’s popular colors. I stocked up on a rainbow and grabbed some bias tape to make this project as simple as possible.

Scalloped Banner Tutorial Step 2

I layered a couple, or a few depending on the saturation of the color I wanted, folded them in half, and then secured them with a pin. They will be very wiggly, so it’s best not to go into this project with a goal of precision.

Scalloped Banner Tutorial Step 3

Sandwich the folded end of your circle inside the folds of the bias tape, and sew down. Yep. It’s that simple.

Scalloped Banner Tutorial

I hung my banners from an oak tree in our backyard using thumbtacks, but if you want to be able to tie your banner to something, just be sure and leave yourself enough ends on the bias tape. I made mine go from branch to branch in a bunch of different directions and I’m wild about the look. Atti swings on his swing and I drink my morning smoothie and we start every day with a little party.

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