Tutorial: Full Length Jewelry Organizer

Mirror Jewelry Organizer
Moving to a new place means lots of new creative energy for me. There’s so many new projects on my docket I’d find it overwhelming if I didn’t love it all so much. All my old organization tricks have to be evaluated for the new space, new things need to be tweaked, and it’s a new chance to reevaluate everything. I’m having a ball.

This project has been keeping me awake at night for well over a year. Down there in my neglected sidebar list of crafty goals, this project is what I was referring to when I wrote Jewelry Organizer. But thanks to a post-move Ikea trip, I found the perfect solution to bump this to the top of the list.

I wear a lot of long necklaces – it’s the shape that flatters me the most. But they are a PAIN to store. They take up so much room and they are always getting tangled together. Whenever I see jewelry organizer tutorials I figure I must be a jewelry hoarder because my stuff could never fit in one of those tiny adorable boxes. I needed something serious, and full length. Which is when I had the idea to store them all behind a full length mirror.

Mirror Jewelry Organizer Step 1
This Ikea Stave mirror came with hinges for mounting and an open back my necklaces could nestle right inside. It’s like they saw me coming. If you don’t have an Ikea near you or they are foolish enough to discontinue this mirror, you could achieve the same effect by building a box on the back of whatever mirror you want to use. If you use recycled pallets I bet you could even do it for free. Mount it to the wall with hinges, making sure you hang it from a wall stud so it can support the weight.

Mirror Jewelry Organizer Step 2


Then you just need a bunch of cup hooks small enough to fit behind your mirror. These are 3/4 of an inch.


Mirror Jewelry Organizer Step 3


If you feel like breaking out a ruler and a level, you sure could, but I just eyeballed it all and screwed my cup hooks right into the wall, making sure I picked spots that allowed the mirror to close. Watch out for being too close to the sides or any support pieces.


Mirror Jewelry Organizer Step 4


Hang the necklaces from your hooks in a way that makes sense to you, and then close the mirror shut when you’re not getting dressed.

I’m so in love with this project. There is little in this world that makes me as happy as a great organizing solution, and with this one I also get to make my closet pretty with all the great necklaces I’ve made over the years.


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