Valentines Day Cards with No CANDY!


Music Themed Valentine Printables

Music Themed Valentine Printables


Music Themed Valentines Cards

There are tons of reasons why parents would want to limit the candy on Valentine’s Day, but nobody wants to be a scrooge. We’re all concerned about our kid’s diets, their teeth, health concerns, and I’ve even been hearing that some schools have outlawed candy entirely. In my case, Atti’s in a class where half the kids can’t eat. Their disabilities mean that they get tube fed, so candy is nothing more than a temptation or a thoughtless gift they’ll have to throw out. So this year I decided to make valentines cards that would include all of Atti’s friends in the holiday fun.


Music Themed Valentines Cards Step 1
I’m actually not a fan of plastic junk either, but childhood always seems to be a negotiation between different things parents hate, so since I couldn’t do food and I couldn’t buy a wooden flute for each member of his class, I had to embrace the plastic. The dollar store has an expansive party favor section, so I went through and picked out a few different toys that made noise approximating music. I settled on a kazoo, a flute, and little percussive hands that clap when you wave them.


Music Themed Valentines Cards Step 2


Then I spent a while brainstorming musical phrases I could turn into Valentine love, and whipped these cards up in Photoshop to share with all of you. I initially went with a music theme because of the toys I found at the dollar store, but given how obsessed my little musical prodigy is, I think it worked out pretty perfectly.

Valentines Printables





To use this printable I’ve made for you, just click on it {I fixed it! You can actually click now!}. There you can download the original size, already formatted for your printer, or you can send it to a copy shop to use up their ink supply. And you can be a fun parent while still feeling virtuous. That doesn’t happen very often.