Tutorial: Wrapped Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets

Wrapped Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets
I’m easing back in to my crafting mojo, and if you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ve noticed how often I return to bracelets. I love them, they’re easy, it’s my crafting comfort food. So this project was a great, simple one to kick start my return to making things as I shake off the last of this depression. Plus, they’re sparkly and brightly colored and that always gives me a boost.

Wrapped Bracelets Tutorial Step 1
All you need for this project is some simple bangles – I got these at my craft store – some rhinestone trim if you feel like it, glue, and some kind of a fiber. You can use yarn or embroidery floss or ribbon or anything else your heart desires. I used this gorgeous silk embroidery thread I scored from a discount store my friend Carrie took me to.

Wrapped Bracelets Tutorial Step 2


If you’re using rhinestone trim, glue a piece on to the bangle, making the ends match as best you can. I used hot glue since I wanted instant results, and since it will be reinforced by the wrapping I didn’t have to worry about it popping off.


Wrapped Bracelets Tutorial Step 3


Then just get to wrapping. I found it helpful to make myself a little bobbin of thread that I could shove through the center all at once. Otherwise this can get messy and tangled up as you go round and round. The first end I secured by wrapping the thread around it a few times before going forward, and the last end I tied into a knot. You just have to wrap until you get the coverage you want. On the bracelets without the rhinestones that was really easy, but on the rhinestone bracelets that took a little extra work. Because I am a perfectionist and wanted everything but the bling covered. Just keep going until you get the result you want.


Wrapped Bracelets Tutorial Step 4


With your knot tied, glue the other tail to the back of the bracelet. Here I used white school glue so it wouldn’t feel harsh against my wrist.


Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

That’s all it takes, but I love the effect. And it’s got me thinking of what other trims might look like in place of the rhinestones. I think a bangle bracelet with pom pom trip might just be crazy enough to be fabulous. Kind of like me.