The Cure for Toothache Pain

Toothache Cure
The first couple of months of every year I seem to spend dealing with one sickness after the other. Going through my archives is kind of hilarious as year after year I spend January dealing with colds, pneumonia, flu and a whole host of other illnesses. It’s also the time of year when my depression kicks in to high gear. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

This year I’ve had the flu, depression, and a monster tooth problem. Back in November I had a filling fall out, but I’d already used up all my dental coverage for the year. I thought I could get through a couple of months to save myself a few hundred dollars, but by the time January rolled around we didn’t have the cash to get it fixed. I was pretty positive I was going to need a root canal.

This week the pain got so bad I was willing to sell my body to pay my dental bill. We’d been waiting for a bonus check, but I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s going to be ramen noodles around here for a little while. I got it fixed yesterday and today I’m trying to take it easy and let it heal before I freak out that it still hurts and I need another root canal, but in the meantime, in my pain and desperation, I found a miracle.

Bear was out of town all week on a business trip, Atti was still recovering from his eye surgery, and this tooth was making me so crazy I was ready to light myself on fire. I searched the internet for some help and saw that clove oil was recommended for the pain. I strapped Atti in the car and raced to my local health food store, but they were out. I asked a clerk for help and she tried to sell me clove scented room deodorizer. Not the same thing.

So then I went to the drug store and tore through the aisles like a hungry bear, and there among the mouthwash and toothbrushes I found this stuff. You know what “Natural Eugenol” is? Clove oil.

If you get it on your lips or tongue it burns like a mother, but it also miraculously makes the nerve pain go away. It’s only because of this stuff that I made it through the night without ripping the tooth out with my bare hands, and I’m still using it now that the tooth is fixed while I’m waiting to heal. I want to believe in natural cures but so often I find them to be ineffective. Not this one. Man alive, it’s a godsend.