Pigs in Pudding – A treat for sick day!

Pigs in Pudding Treat

Pigs in Pudding Treat

When I was a kid, chocolate pudding was our greatest treat. It’s not like it’s so exotic, so I don’t know why we got so caught up in it, but pudding was the holy grail to us. Now that I’m grown with grown up tastes, I don’t eat it very often. Except for when I’m sick. Whether I have a sore throat or a sick stomach, chocolate pudding is the thing that soothes me. Since I am all about making traditions this year, I wanted to take the familiar chocolate pudding that makes me feel better, and find a way to make it special. I always love when food looks cute, so I thought that turning a bowl full of pudding into a mud puddle for some cute piggies would be adorable.


Pigs in Pudding Tutorial Step 1
There are a whole bunch of things you can use to form your pigs. Sugar in all it’s formats can be sculpted with, so you can use fondant, or marzipan, or modeling chocolate, or, if you don’t feel like going to the cake supply store, you can do what I did and use salt water taffy. These little pigs are so simple that it’s not like it takes sculpting skills. You just have to be able to roll up a few balls. I used two pieces of taffy for each pig. One piece makes up the body, and 2/3rds of the other piece makes up the head. Roll each piece in your hands to warm it up and you can shape it into a ball. It gets sticky as you warm it up, so then you can just stick the pieces to each other and it will stay there as it cools back down.


Pigs in Pudding Tutorial Step 2

Take a chunk of the taffy you have left and roll it into another ball for the nose. If you stick it to the face by pressing it flat with your finger, you’ll get more of a piggy shape.


Pigs in Pudding Tutorial Step 3

Two little balls for the ears. Just place them towards the back of the head and give the tops a little bit of a pinch.


Pigs in Pudding Tutorial Step 4

Then you just need a tail. I rolled a long skinny piece and then coiled it around itself. Just stick it on the bum. Poke a couple of holes for eyes and your piggy is done. You can make more balls for legs if you want to, but I just used another ball of taffy to prop it up high enough to stand up in the mud.


Pigs in Pudding Tutorial Step 5

For the fence, I used stick pretzels and more taffy. Just five seconds in the microwave will melt the taffy enough to use it like white glue. A little dab on each side of half a pretzel piece is all it took to hold my fence together.


Pigs in Pudding Closeup
After I took all the pictures I needed I gave this to Atti and he grabbed one of the pigs and shoved the whole thing in his mouth, and then he scooped up the pudding while he sang “Old McDonald.” It was a huge hit, but I think this would bring a smile to any sick person. Both because the pigs rolling around in mud are adorable, and because the little bit of extra effort it requires shows how much the patient is cared for. It’s soothing for the body and for the spirit.


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