Year of Pleasures: Community Garden

Community Gardening
Next door to my church is a huge open lot. They’ve made a couple of attempts at some organized gardening, but this year they just left it open for a giant free for all. So my friend Dave and I pounced on it.

This is a perfect summation of everything I love about living in Modesto. Available, fertile land; a temperature that allows you to grow things in January (sometimes); and experts nearby eager and willing to pass on their knowledge. Dave is a super expert agronomist, spending decades working on breeding fungus resistant garlic, and he also happens to be just a nice man I go to church with who has become my friend. When we found out that he has this background and I’m desperate to learn, we thought our friendship must have been destiny.

We’ve been taking this season to lay the infrastructure, so I’ve been learning all kinds of things about watering, compost, mulch, and fertilizer. Just last night I went out and harvested some broccoli to eat with dinner and I felt like a cavewoman bringing back sustenance. This self-sufficiency thing is seriously powerful.