Returning to Life

Whew! Did I ever need that break! Sorry to just disappear without a word, but by the end of December I was running on fumes. 2012 was the hardest working year I’ve ever had.

When I look back over my goals for the year, I left a lot undone. Not a ton of crafting for the house, but that’s what happens with a move. No themed Christmas tree, still no headboard, but I did succeed in my biggest long term goals. I wrote a proposal for a craft book (no luck on that one so far), I launched Foxy Like A Crafter, and I finally completed my life long goal of writing a novel. It’s only a first draft, but still. I did it.

So 2012 was a big year for me. Not only did I complete those goals, but I appeared all over the press talking about my religious and political views, and (this one totally caught me by surprise) I launched a YouTube channel. It’s the YouTube channel that I’m currently the most excited about. Once I finished the craft book proposal I sent it to some production companies. I thought it would be an easy transition to a television series. But everyone kept saying, “No one wants a craft show right now.” And after hitting my head up against a bunch of rejections, it occurred to me: I’m a blogger. Why am I trying to do things the old fashioned way? A few months later I met some folks from Maker Studios, I learned about the wonder that is YouTube, and now I’ve entered into a whole new internet world.

Which is welcome. 2013 is my 10th year of blogging. 10! Years! Not all of that is here, thank goodness, because I sucked for a good long while, but a total of 10 years. With that much time behind me I need to find ways to keep things fresh, and now I not only have a whole new medium to learn, but I have a team of awesome moms to do it with.

2012 was also a year of learning a whole lot more about how to take care of myself. It’s now been a year since I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder, and I have to give myself some props and say that I am doing a really great job of managing it. Which is a big reason why I had to disappear for three weeks. Now that I know what my consequences are, I have to pay a lot closer attention to my internal gas gauge, and when the needle hits E I have to stop what I’m doing and pull over. I can no longer afford to push through to keep my crazy agenda – an agenda I set myself of course – without some big scary things awaiting me. And because you all have been so wonderfully supportive of me for so many years, I know you’ll understand.

As is so appropriate for our lives, we’re starting this year out in limbo. There’s some big job things on the horizon for Bear, Atti has three more surgeries coming up, and I have to try to do something with all these manuscripts I spent last year writing. So who knows where 2013 will end up taking us. Judging from past history, the only thing I can count on is that a year from now I’ll be sitting down to write a post just like this one, marveling at how the year ended up so different than I could have ever imagined for myself.