Sunburst pencil wreath

Pencil Starburst Wreath

Pencil Starburst Wreath

Pencil Wreath
I am running behind with my Christmas plans, so I thought it only appropriate that the first gift I share is the present I made when I was running behind at back to school.

I kind of wish I’d saved this for Christmas, though. Teachers get so many food gifts this time of year, I think it would have been nice to have something to offer that they didn’t have to eat. Which means that you get to benefit from my tardiness. Somebody might as well.

When you’re drilling the pencils, be sure and do it over a protected surface, or a floor you don’t need to worry about. Those little pencil lead shavings have left a permanent stain on my carpet, but luckily it’s just my garage studio carpet so I’m not crying about it.

So now that I have “Teacher” crossed off your gift list, in the upcoming days you can look for great DIY gifts for moms, grandmas, dads, friends, neighbors, and all kinds of kid gifts! Like me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a thing!