Gift Wrapping Ideas: Yarn Embellished Gift Wrap

Yarn Embellished Gift Tutorial
As any crafter knows, once you fall in love with a medium you want to use that medium in everything you do. Scrapbookers decorate their house with paper, knitters knit up rugs and seat cushions, and embroiderers decorate every surface with intricate little stitches.

But, no matter how deeply you love your artform, decorating paper destined for the garbage can with them is a bit of overkill. So I find ways to fake it. Instead of sewing little daisy chain stitches on my wrapping paper, I crocheted a chain and glued it in place. But if you don’t even want to do that much you can just use regular yarn, or ribbon, or kitchen twine, or anything.

It’s not Christmas without a little hot glue.