DIY Christmas Gift for the Ladies: Tiered Pearl Necklace

Tiered Pearl Necklace Tutorial
Jewelry making is my go to when I’m gift giving. You can put something together in a matter of minutes that will have people dropping jaws at your mad skills. For this necklace I was inspired by the huge pearl necklace one of the characters on 2 Broke Girls wears. It’s such a pretty statement piece and so easy to make.

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Make a fancy pearl necklace
This time of year is super hard on anybody who struggles with mental illness, and I am currently typing my way through a fog of depression that has my bed calling my name. I had a long debate with myself if I should wait to share this until I was up to writing something pithy, or just put it out there. Obviously I decided to let the video do my blogging today. That’s one thing about living with bipolar II disorder. Some days it gives me the creative superpower to come up with all these ideas, and other days it charges me for it. Today is one of those days I have to pay the piper. So I’m going to trust you all to get where I’m coming from, and I’m heading to bed.