DIY Christmas Gift for Mom: Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial

Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial
What screams “Grandma gift” more than something made out of a doily? Nothing right! Of course, today’s grandma’s are so hip that you can’t even find a doily in the stores anymore. After striking out all over town, I finally had to settle on a brand new piece of lace, that hadn’t been handmade or anything. Sigh. But even though this project was inspired by the doily kind of Grandma, I think even Atti’s Chico-wearing blinged-out too-hip-for-Grandma Grandma will love this take on tradition.


Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial Step 1
You’ll need a piece of fabric to make your bowl, some cooking spray to act as a mold release, a resin kit, mixing supplies, paintbrush, and something to be your mold. I bought this plastic bowl at the dollar store and it worked perfectly. Plastic is best since it releases so nicely, but what’s most important is that it’s smooth.


Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial Step 2

Spray your mold with the cooking spray, and then drape your lace over the bowl. You’ll want a piece big enough to drape over so you don’t have to worry about holding it up somehow. Mix up the resin according to the instructions on your package. You’ll only want to mix up enough to be used at one time, so don’t get carried away. It will depend on the size of the bowl you’re making, but I mixed up about a cup for the first coat. Pour a bunch in the bottom of the bowl, then use your paintbrush to bring it up the sides until all the lace inside the bowl is covered.


Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial Step 3

Let it dry overnight, and then trim off all the excess fabric so that your lace bowl is flush with the mold.


Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial Step 4

Mix up a few tablespoons of resin and brush onto the sides to make them stronger. You can add as many coats as you’d like to get the sides as thick as you want, but you’ll have to be patient and build it up gradually. The resin will want to flow down to the base, which is great because you’ll have a nice strong foundation, but can be difficult if you want a really solid side. Just take your time with it.


Lace Doily Bowl

I ended up just doing three coats of resin on the walls of the bowl, which made it sturdy, but still a little flexible. I think this would be a perfect spot to display sentimental collections – pretty rocks picked up on walks, seashells from trips to the beach – and if you used fabric that had some emotional significance it could mean even more. This was inspired by wanting a gift for Grandmas, but I think anyone with a flair for the romantic would love this project.