DIY Christmas gift for baby: Family Wooden Blocks

Loved One Blocks

Loved One Blocks

It’s time to turn our attention to the baby on your Christmas list, especially if that baby doesn’t get to spend much time with the people who love them. I made these blocks for Atti, who while no longer a baby, still likes to make things crash. These wooden blocks are so easy they practically don’t even need a tutorial!


Family Wooden Block Tutorial Step 1
You can buy precut blocks at your craft store, or you can cut them yourself. I used 1 1/2″ blocks, and then went to my computer and printed off pictures and names of each family member at that same 1 1/2″. Each block needs 3 pictures and 3 names.


Family Wooden Block Tutorial Step 2

Use a paper trimmer or scissors and a steady hand to cut out each of your pieces.


Family Wooden Block Tutorial Step 3

You can use all kinds of things to decoupage the papers onto the blocks, but since the idea is that a baby could play with these and babies put everything in their mouths (and my toddler does too) I used regular old white school glue. Some on the block…


Family Wooden Block Tutorial Step 4

And then some more on the top.


Loved One Wooden Blocks

I just used my inkjet printer and copy paper, so the photos got a little fuzzy. I think it’s actually a kind of cool effect, but if you want your images crystal clear, use a laser or photo printer.

And as always, here’s the video instructions!

These are so simple bigger kids could make these for their baby brother or sister, and they’re a wonderful way for far away aunts or grandparents to introduce themselves into the baby’s life.