DIY Christmas for kids: Personalized Memory Book

Personalized Memory Book

Personalized Memory Book

As a former professional scrapbooker, I am all about memory keeping. I’m still known to scrapbook every once in a while, I’ve made shutterfly books, I’m always looking for a great way to celebrate our personal histories. Especially for Atti since every day for him seems so hard won. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever tried, but they were always more for me or for when he grows up. Personalized stuff is expensive, so I couldn’t just let go and let him tear apart his baby book as he played with it, but like every kid, he so loves looking at things that are just for him. This year I decided to make him a personalized book out of fabric. He can chew on this, leave it for the dog to step on, drop it on the ground, and I don’t have to cry. I’ll just toss it in the washing machine.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 1
There are many ways to transfer images onto fabric, including fabric you can run right through your printer. For this one I decided to use iron ons. I planned out my book by choosing photos that represented what his life is like right now. I chose pictures that reflected his favorite things, how he spends his time, and special moments that won’t last forever. I printed these all out on iron on paper following the instructions on the packaging. The most important thing to remember is that you have to print the image reversed, especially the text. Watch the video below for all the details about working with the iron on paper.

My pages are pieces of unbleached canvas that I cut to 8 x 11. You can use any kind of fabric that will work with your iron ons. Again, consult your directions.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 2
Once your image is printed, you have to cut it out. I try to cut as close to the image as possible. You can see around the letters a clear halo effect that the iron on leaves behind. If you trim that close it will look a lot better. Iron on as your package instructs you to.

As you’re placing your images, keep in mind the layout of your book. I’ve got this picture off to the side to leave room for the spine of the book. Which means that I’ll have to make sure I have my page order straight. You don’t want to cut anything off because you got your pages out of order.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 3
Place two pages back to back and sew them together all the way around with a zig zag stitch. Again, remember your page order.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 4
Punch three holes in the side of each page that will be the spine, then use eyelets to finish them off.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 6
The cover is made in just the same way as the pages, only twice as wide so it can wrap around to make the front and back. Cut two pieces, pin them wrong sides together, and zig zag stitch around the edge.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 5
Fold the cover in half and mark where the spine will meet the pages. In what will be the front and what will be the back, install three eyelets just as you did on the pages. You can add some decoration here as well. I printed my title on more iron on paper and then sewed it on the cover with more zig zag stitch.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial Step 7
Use three binder rings to bind the book closed.

Personalized Memory Book Tutorial
Atti loves to sit on my lap as I’m editing photos and laugh at all the pictures of himself. I think this book is going to be seeing the inside of my washing machine pretty soon. It’s a good thing it’s ready to make that trip.