Make a Thanksgiving Tree

Gratitude Tree
With two Halloween trees, and a whole forest of Christmas trees, November always presented a bit of a problem for me. Do I take the trees down and put them away for the month of November only to take them back out after Thanksgiving? Do I leave Halloween up until Christmas? Or do I just leave the trees naked for a few weeks? I’ve always intended to make a Thanksgiving tree, and since I’m not going to add another Christmas tree this year, it looks like this is the year for it. The process is actually ridiculously easy.

Grateful Tags Step 1
I found some wooden tags at my craft store, so I painted the front side, and I decoupaged the other with scrapbook paper. Since I was working in bulk I used a spray adhesive to stick it in place, and then a spray sealer to keep it protected.

Grateful Tags Step 2
Then I just used paint pens to decorate the front with all the different things I’m grateful for, and tied on a ribbon to hang it from.

Thanksgiving Tree
These tags will last for years and years so I tried to think of things I was grateful for that would last through time. My family, my friends, my health, the most important things in life. With paper or other thin wooden tags I listed more temporary or whimsical things, and left some blank for friends and guests to add when they visit.

Thanksgiving Trees
For the other decorations I just used ribbons to make bows and curlicues, and added some leaves I got at the dollar store. It took me no time to whip up, and the best part is that making it a work in progress is part of the celebration. All month long I can add to the tree as I think of more things to be grateful for. It’s a way of decorating and celebrating at the same time, which I think are the best kind of traditions.

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