Tutorial: Cut Leather Bracelet

Faux Laser Cut Bracelet
Since one of my favorite craft techniques is papercutting, I’m always looking for ways I can incorporate that into something longer lasting than paper. This year I’ve been seeing laser cut leather all over the place. Purses, skirts, jackets, they’ve all been cut into decorative lacy patterns with a laser. I thought I might be able to get that same effect, but without the high tech gadgetry. My friends at Elmer’s gave me some supplies to give it a try.


Cut Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step 1

I drew myself a pattern, but you can just use the ones I made for you. Print it out and place it on top of a piece of leather. I picked up a skirt at a thrift store, but such a small piece shouldn’t be too expensive.


Cut Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step 2

Use your x-acto knife and self healing mat to cut out all the white parts. If you make your own pattern, make sure that all the shapes are connected so that you don’t cut out more than you intend to.


Cut Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step 3

To close your bracelet, just attach a couple of snaps. Each kind of snap will come with their own instructions, but they’re all pretty close to the same. Push the end with the prongs through the leather…

Cut Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step 4

Place the other end of the snap on the top and use the applicator to hold it in place. Hammer down.


Cut Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step 5

Depending on the type of leather you use, it can be a little fragile, so use the thick ends to take the bracelet off. I love this as an alternative to a heavy cuff. I get the width that I love, but it still looks delicate.

Cut Leather Bracelet - Lines

Cut Leather Bracelet - Circles

To print off the patterns, click through to flickr and select the original size. It’s formatted to print on one sheet of paper.

Disclaimer: Elmer’s gave me some x-acto supplies, but this design is all mine and so are the words, pictures, and opinions.