Tutorial: Spooky Bird Diorama

Bird on a Wire Diorama
Do birds freak you out? Just me? Well, obviously not just me since Hitchcock made a movie all about how freaky birds are, which I’ve never seen because they creep me out. One by one birds are lovely little expressions of freedom, but in a group, menacing. So I wanted to make a little Halloween diorama celebrating that creepiness.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 1
I am really not a great painter, so don’t be intimidated. The secret to the gradated background is by using a Floating Medium. I picked out four different colors ranging from navy through gray and down into a pale ice blue. Starting with my darkest color I dipped my brush in the floating medium and then into the paint and painted a stripe. Repeat that for all four colors and let the floating medium work the colors into one another. It’s kind of a magic effect.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 2
Use a dry paintbrush and go over the paint one final time to blend in any brush strokes and give it a feathery look.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 3
While that dries, make your birds. You can really use any kind of clay that you can harden, but I used an air dry clay.  Pinch off a small piece and roll it into a ball. With one hand, pinch to make a head.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 4
Then with your other hand, push in to make the back and tail.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 5
Give it any fine tuning necessary and let it dry.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 6
Paint the birds black if necessary, but if you use black polymer clay and bake it, you can skip this step.

Halloween Diorama Tutorial Step 7
Drill two small holes in each side of the inside of the frame. Glue an end of wire inside each hole. Then glue your birds onto the wire.

Bird on a Wire Halloween Decoration
I love the bleakness of that sky up against those birds. So spooky. Did you know that a collection of crows is called a murder? A murder of crows. How are we not supposed to be terrified by them?

Did I leave anything out? Are you better at learning visually? Lucky for you I made a video! Come subscribe to my Youtube channel and don’t miss a thing.



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