Recipe: Caesar Steak Sandwich

Caeser Steak Sandwich

It’s the middle of summer and right at the peak of the time when I don’t want to cook. I was not made for warm weather and so right about now I do my best to be as still as possible and run from any sources of heat. Both of which mean cooking is out. But since I still have to eat I look for the simplest ways to get the most satisfying meal. Sandwiches get big play, and so does grilling, which means this grilled sandwich is the apex of my warm weather eating.

Caesar Steak Sandwich

flank steak
loaf of good bread
Romaine lettuce
Swiss cheese
Dijon mustard
Caesar dressing
salt and pepper

Season the meat with salt and pepper and grill it up. It’s a thin cut so it won’t take long. Don’t let this overcook. When it’s done, let it rest covered in tinfoil.

Slice the bread down the length of it to make a giant sub sandwich. Spread dijon mustard on both sides, then top with caesar dressing. The lettuce goes on the bottom, the cheese goes on the top, and then your rested meat goes in the middle. But what makes this really yummy is if you pour the meat juices over the meat before you close up the sandwich. That is some fantastic flavor it would be a shame to through away, so use it as a condiment.

I’ve made this sandwich for pool parties, family BBQ’s, baby showers, or just on a night like tonight when I want to stuff my face with as little work as possible. It’s a family favorite for the taste, and a personal favorite for the ease of it.