Year of Pleasures: Random Act of Kindness

Waffle Shop
My little family went out for breakfast together on Saturday morning. We’ve all been working incredibly hard on our different endeavors, so it was wonderful to drop everything and focus on each other. We had a great meal, Atticus ate pancakes with his dad, and just enjoyed being together on a sunny summer morning.

Atti was in full on charmer mode. Singing songs, giving hugs and kisses, chattering away. He is never happier than when we’re all together. It was a great time.

The waitress put down our check, and then came back a few minutes later and took it away. We couldn’t figure out what that was about, but I left Bear behind to sort out the bill while I took Atti to the car. He came out with a grin on his face and shrugging his shoulders. Somebody had paid our bill for us.

Our waitress said that somebody did it as a random act of kindness, so they wanted to remain anonymous. Personally, I think Atti stole their heart, and then their wallet.