Tutorial: Tattoo Bracelet

Tattoo Bracelet and kitty
I have one tattoo on my back that is really meaningful to me, but I keep threatening to get more. I have one all drawn out by an artist friend for my shoulder, and I’ve wanted to get one on my wrist that says, “Begin.” I love the hope in that word, and also the encouragement, and the reminder to just start working. I haven’t mustered up the cash and the courage to get the tattoo yet, so I thought I’d start with a bracelet I could wear.

Tattoo Bracelet Supplies
All you need is a bracelet form – I’m using these wooden bangles but you could just cover a plastic bangle you got at the dollar store – some paper, a paintbrush, rubon letters, and varnish. I’m using my trusty standby, artist’s gloss medium.

Tattoo Bracelet Step 1
Cut your paper into 1/2″ strips. I’m using newspaper, so it’s pretty light and flexible, but if you’re using a stiff paper like something meant for scrapbooking, you might want to cut even thinner. Use the gloss medium to stick the end of the paper to the inside of the bracelet.

Tattoo Bracelet Step 2
Continue wrapping the paper around the bracelet, coating the bottom and top thoroughly with the gloss medium. To let it dry without denting or sticking to anything, I put a piece of wax paper on top of an inverted glass, and hung the bracelet around it.

Tattoo Bracelet
I used rub-on letters to make my statement, and then gave the bracelets another coat of gloss medium.

The ‘Begin’ bracelet is for me, but for the other bracelet I was thinking long and hard about what statement I would want to give to someone. I made it with one friend in mind, but for some reason I kept thinking that it wasn’t meant for her. I saw my sweet friend Regina at church and instantly knew I had been making the bracelet for her all along. She loves it and I totally made her cry at the message, but I really do believe in her. I’m so so pleased to be able to share that in such a tangible way, and give her a reminder of that.