Tutorial: Fabric Covered Buttons

Covered Button Bracelet

I have loved fabric covered buttons since I was a teenager. It’s so satisfying to get the perfect fabric wrapped smooth and tight to make the little button, but I am always losing the kits I need to make them. Every time I make a button I have to rebuy the kit, and in all the different sizes, that gets to be a bit of a pain in the neck. When I was at CHA back in January I met the guys from Imaginisce, and asked them to send me some things to play with. They came through with a whole bunch of fun.


Covered Buttons Step 1

This is the i-top. And like all perfect tools it makes you scratch your head and wonder why nobody’s done this before. You can use this tool to make buttons, brads, snaps, and magnets, and they have a whole line of accessories to apply all those creations to. The bracelet I’m wearing above and the earrings I’m wearing below all came from that collection.

I really loved the quality of their notions. These are really sturdy little buttons. These won’t be popping apart on my any time soon.


Covered Buttons Step 2

To use, just cut a circle of fabric big enough to wrap around your button, and place it inside the tool.


Covered Buttons Step 3

Then put in the top of the button and press the fabric ends inside.


Covered Buttons Step 4

Place the button bottom on top, and give the whole thing a squeeze.


Covered Buttons Step 5

Perfect buttons every time, no wrinkles or bubbles, and I cranked these out in no time flat with no banging or straining or swearing.


Covered Button Earrings

Their jewelry collection is so sweet. They use crazy strong magnets to make them interchangeable. I might just have to make enough of these to go with every outfit.


Disclaimer: These products were given to me for free, but I was not otherwise compensated. I asked for them because I wanted to work with them. I never promote a company I don’t use myself.