Another Surgery

Atti in the pool

As I type this I should be getting dressed to take Atti to the hospital for a procedure. It’s nothing terrifying, he’s just getting sedated so they can inject poison into the nerves on his legs.

It really is actually no big thing, especially given what we’ve been through before, but any time you take your child to the hospital, you can’t help but be wracked with fear. I have a lot to say on the subject but no time today to do it, so I’ll get back to you all later. For today, Atti will be put under general anesthesia so that his legs will stay still, and then the doctor will inject Phenol into his nerves to deaden some of the hyperactive signals his muscles are getting that make his legs go spastic. It’s kind of like what Botox does for muscles, this will do for nerves. If we get great results then it means we’ll have some future options, so cross your fingers or say a prayer or hug a tree, whatever you do.

I would try and be hopeful, but I’ll be too busy trying not to weep when I see my little guy sedated. Oh gosh it’s just the worst.