New glasses
I got contacts in 2010, and I hardly ever wear them. Basically I just wear them to conferences when I need to recognize people from across the room. Otherwise they sit in their case, slowly drying out until I remember to add more saline solution or just chuck them for a new pair.

Do contacts ever get *comfortable*? Even when I wear them for a week in a row they still feel dry and itchy.

At the end of the year, when I realized I hadn’t used any of the insurance for my eyes that we’ve been paying for, I figured I better sneak in a visit and get myself a new pair of glasses. Now when I drive or watch TV I don’t have to give myself deep furrowed wrinkles from all my squinting.

And anything that makes me look like Tina Fey, even out of the corner of your eye, is a good thing in my book.



  1. love this post, glad to see another contact hater and glasses lover :) i wrote a post about my glasses this week too :) http://wonderful–

    megs xx

  2. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed when my husband moved to contacts, he looks cute in glasses. I've only started wearing glasses myself for watching tv and driving in the last few years, and couldn't imagine doing the contact thing every day. I'm at that awkward stage where I don't *need* the glasses, so I have to figure out where I put them the last time I was wearing them. I solved the driving problem by getting prescription sunglasses though, I would die without sunglasses so I can always find them if I need to go outside.

  3. You probably have the wrong contact lens solution or contacts. That used to happen to me too until I changed contact brands (I use O2Optix which are AMAZING. The hydroclear version is even better.) I've loved my contacts since I've gotten them. No more cleaning lenses twenty times a day, no more worrying about them getting dented or broken (which happened FREQUENTLY), no more worrying about lenses popping out of frames or out of my eyes (that only happens if you fidget with them!) Easiest things ever.

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