Gentle Giant…someday


This is what has become of our little Boo. She likes to give hugs.


Atti and Boo

Remember where she started? She’s a 6 month old monster.



She’s ended up spending a lot more time outside than we ever planned on. Our backyard gives her plenty of room to run around and play, but, being cat people, we assumed our dog would be an indoor dog. But she made her choice, so who are we to deny her? She wants to frolic and play and be a puppy in a way that the indoors just can’t offer her. It makes supervising her far less of a chore.

Since Atti spends most of his time home lying on the ground, he was getting worked over by Boo’s aggressive play. She wasn’t getting that Atticus wasn’t a puppy, and treated him like a littermate, which means she wanted him to be the one to take her roughhousing. She’s getting better, no more scratches and nibbles, but she certainly isn’t gentle yet. We’re working on it. I tried for 45 minutes to take a picture of her face, but the only time she would even look at me is while I was holding a treat, which didn’t leave me two hands for the camera. She loves her boy, we just need to get her to control that love a little better.



I was told that English Mastiff’s were big lovable lunks and were lethargic and lazy. That can kick in any minute now and I’d be very happy. I asked my vet techs about it and they said that puppies are puppies and she’d grow out of her energy. As they were debating when exactly that would happen, they had this conversation:

Tech 1: Well, how old is Jackson? Isn’t he all like, ‘Dur duh dur.”

Tech 2: Jackson? I think he’s three, but didn’t he just start going ‘ Dur duh dur’?

1: No he’s been ‘Dur duh dur’ for a while now.

2: Well there’s Mabel. She’s only 15 months and she’s TOTALLY ‘Dur duh dur.”

Dur duh dur. Said as if that’s what the dog said as she walked, slow and stupid. I got home and told the story to Bear and ever since that’s been our shorthand for “big, slow, lethargic, meathead dog.”

“Boo! Leave Atti alone! When are you going to get ‘Dur duh dur’ already??”

“Oh Boo, you sweet girl, when you get ‘Dur duh dur’ will you snuggle me?”

You all just remind me of this when I start complaining about my lazy dog.