Tutorial: T-shirt Studded Cuff

Studded Cuff Bracelet
Last time on 1 T-Shirt, 3 Projects: We cut off the hem and made a Sunset Boulevard style turban. With what remains of this shirt we’ve got two projects to go. Next up, a bracelet. You know I couldn’t NOT make a bracelet.

I have made a ton of leather cuffs over the years, and I just love the look, but by the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get it off so my skin could breath. Using a T-shirt to make a cuff gives you that bold look, but not only is my skin comfortable, but if I were to break out into a sweat then this bracelet could sop it right up.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 1
Start by cutting a piece of your T-shirt wide enough to fit around your wrist plus an inch on each side for the seam, and tall enough to fold in half and be as thick as you want it to be. Mine worked out to be 9″ x 6″.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 2
Arrange your studs as you like them on the bracelet. Leave at least an inch on each side so you have room for your seam, and centered in the width so that the studs stay only on the front when you sew the edges together. Doing it this way will keep it nice and soft against your wrist as one layer of the jersey protects you from the studs on the other.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 3
Fold all those little prongs over to keep the studs where they belong.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 4
Fold the bracelet in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 5
Turn the cuff right side out and give it a little iron on the non-studded side.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 6
To close this bracelet we’re going to make a French Seam. This is a super strong seam you’d find on the side seams of your jeans. It’s not only super strong so you can pull this bracelet on and off and on and off without breaking it, but it’s also a lovely neat way to wrap up all those raw edges.

To start, sew those edges together leaving an inch seam allowance.

Studded Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Step 7
Take that seam allowance and fold it over twice until it’s flush against the bracelet, and sew it down. All those raw edges are now encased within that little package.

This turned out so much better than what was in my head! The whole process was an experiment I wasn’t sure about, but I’m just thrilled with how it turned out. I’m thinking a mini version might be necessary for my little rocker.